we do

We help senior leaders to challenge themselves, grow and reach their potential. 

Coaching can be described as one-on-one leadership development.  Workforce Strategies leadership coaches facilitate client-focused sessions.  We listen, question, encourage, support and challenge our clients.  We provide a structure where goals are set and actions are developed for maximum benefit.

We work with senior leaders and managers to enhance their performance in leading organisational change.  Leadership coaching develops skills aimed at producing results that are aligned with organisational vision and goals.  

Coaching works because leaders are supported to set realistic work place goals and develop achievable strategies and actions to reach those goals.  


Whilst coaching is traditionally a face-to-face process, today's complex workplace requires a more responsive and dynamic approach.

Workforce Strategies specialises in remote or distance coaching and provides this service to both individuals and teams: which means that wherever you are (domestically or internationally), in whatever time zone you’re in, we can coach your leaders over the phone.

Research is showing that telephone coaching can be more effective and responsive than traditional methods; not least because it removes the element of travel, providing greater flexibility around appointments (including length and frequency). In addition to face-to-face and telephone coaching, we also offer Skype, email and real-time instant messaging support.